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Archive for 05/01/2011 - 06/01/2011

It's My Birthday!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Actually, the birthday has past by a few weeks but I am just now able to share all about the special day.  I cannot believe the difference a year makes.  Last year Riley's party was fun and we were surrounded by friends and family, but he didn't really understand what was going on yet.  This year.....he TOTALLY knew what was happening.  For about a month before his party he would get up and ask, "Is it my birthday party today?" He knew his birthday was May 10th but he wasn't clear on when exactly that was.  The day before the party I baked cookies, cakes, and cupcakes that were so tempting to eat that we had a heck of a time keeping both kiddos out of them.  I crafted banners, sewed/ironed matching shirts, made door signs, bought all sorts of concession foods, and I am sure I slept in there somewhere. 

The day was so fun and I really can't believe just how much that year makes.  Riley was so excited to finally have some boys at his party. Since most of my friends only have girls his past few birthdays he has been quite the ladies man.  Having the playset built outside for the kids to play on definitely was a huge hit.  I think Hannah was quite content to just sit in her swing and let Aunt Jenny push her while she sipped on some ice.  We were surrounded by great friends and family and the day was full of many laughs. 

Since his party was on Saturday, I still wanted to do something special for Riley on his actual birthday.  So, I took off work and we dropped off Hannah at Nana's house and we had a whole day of Riley and Momma time.  We started the day with doughnuts at Krispy Kreme (healthy I know).  He had so much fun sitting in the booth and was shocked that I let him get a chocolate frosted sprinkle loaded doughnut.  It's just one day right?!?!?  Next it was off to the park.  We played for almost 2 hours going up and down the slides, swinging, and suprisingly enough spinning on the merry go round.  After we were all good and worn out we picked up Danny and went to lunch.  I think Riley's face says it all......what ice cream too?

With all that excitement, not to mention sugar, it was time for a nap.  As soon as nap time was over we went and picked up Hannah and the four of us all met for a movie date.  I am not sure that Riley was completely awake from his nap, because for the first half of the movie he sat on my lap with his ears covered. But by the end he was totally into "Rio".  Leaving the movie he told me, "Good movie momma!" I think the day was a huge success and he will remember his birthday for quite some time.  Now only 60 days until Hannah's special day.  I guess I better get started.

I'm going to be THREE

Sunday, May 01, 2011

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Things are getting busy around our house getting ready for my little man to turn 3!  We have been in birthday party mode for a couple of weeks now and things are starting to come together.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone and how big he already is.  It is so fun to see him get so excited for his big day.  This is the first year that he really understands what is going on.  I love how he goes around the house singing "Happy Birthday to Me" and telling everyone he sees just who is coming to his birthday party.  Too cute!