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Archive for 2009

Welcome Back

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So it seems that when you have more than one kid your life gets a little crazy! It has been almost three months and no post.....there probably isn't anyone who reads this anymore. =) But here is what we have been up to.

We had a beautiful baby girl who is the sweetest baby. She is now starting to laugh and smile so Riley loves to entertain her. There have been plenty of times that I have caught Riley sitting in front of her swing "reading" his books to her. They are just too cute for words. She was such a tiny baby that when she reached the 10 lb mark on her 3 month check up we were very excited!

We recently went to the pumpkin patch and it was so nice to see Riley have so much fun on the "jumping pillow". Although we went last year Riley was only 6 months old then. This year he was able to enjoy so much more. I am so glad that we found Walter's Pumpkin Patch and I hope we are able to keep this a family tradition.

I have started to sell jewelry on the side....I guess I thought I needed something else to do! Ha! It has kept me really busy but I am really enjoying it and who knows maybe one day I will be able to stay home with the kiddos and just do this. Wishful thinking on my part but a girl's got to dream!
Until next time.....which won't be as long promise!

So worth the wait

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well after a week of waiting and thinking this might be it.....Hannah has finally made it here! Hannah was born at 4:30 am on Friday July 24th. We had gone in that evening to be induced at about 6:30pm on Thursday. I was not looking forward to the thought of using Pitocin....I have heard the contractions are much stronger that way. I was looking forward to the fact that I wasn't leaving the hospital until our baby was here. Luckily, I didn't ever need the Pitocin and she came on her own once my water was broke. She was 5 lbs and 14 oz and 18 inches long. Compared to Riley (7 lbs 6 oz) she is a tiny baby.

Riley has been adjusting to his new life with a baby sister and has had a few bumps along the way. He loves to "pat" his sister like he does the dogs. So we are working on patting softly and he has even warmed up to the idea of giving her a few kisses. Life here is changing but we are loving every minute of it and all of the new challenges.

I laugh because I must not cry. -Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You see that ticker over there to the right? Ya that one, it says baby Hannah is 3 days is just mocking me! She isn't 3 days old, she isn't even here yet. For the past two days I have had contractions that are spaced out for a lovely 20-30 minutes apart. This is definitely not going to get us headed in the right direction. I am all for a little girl taking her time to make sure everything is just perfect for her big debut....but this momma is tired! I would just like to have a night where I am not sleeping on a sleeping bag just in case my water breaks. I really thought that yesterday would be the day, I even stayed home from work just in case because the contractions were so consistent. But, even with all the walking we did they would not move any closer or grow any stronger. So for today's quote.....I laugh because I must not cry!

Being Patient....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

That title is definitely not my strong suit. If I needed to work on a virtue this would be at the top of the list. After our last doctor visit yesterday I was fully expecting him to tell me that our little girl would be making her appearance soon. Unfortunately with two days until my due date, I have changed nothing! Not even a little bit and I haven't had any change for the past month and a half. This little girl wants to stay where she is but her momma is very ready to get her body back to normal. I just need to keep repeating the mantra that "she is not late yet" and remind myself she isn't even due until Saturday. I am praying that she comes on her own and I do not have to keep my induction date of the 23rd. I would much rather due this on my own than have to be induced.....but having a baby sooner than later is much more appealing.

In other news the Wilbert family has bought a new car! This was something that was unexpected and not necessarily what we thought we would be duing the week that we had a baby due. But with the recent troubles we have had with the Jeep we decided now would be a good time to trade her off and look into a new car that was more realible with the kiddos. We are very excited about the new car....but I think I can speak for most people that the actual process of buying a car is not fun! We were at the dealership for over 4 hours negotiating and we still walked away without a car. Needless to say we had to go back to finish things up the next day because all of the financing departments and banks were closed by the time we got to a price we could all agree on. GRRRRR, once again I just wanted to go in and have it be quick and easy. I should know better, but I was still hopeful. Here is a picture of our new addition to the family.....I just wish we could share Hannah's picture as well.

Is It Time Yet?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wow it has been a busy past few months. Every time I tried to sit down and blog something always came up. We are so very close to having the nursery completed and I will post pictures soon. That process seemed to take much longer than expected. I think the biggest problem is that there really isn't all that much out there Dr. Seuss readily available to buy. You can find just about any other "theme" for a nursery and have more than plenty of options to decorate with, but for some reason most of the Dr. Seuss items are homemade items sold online.

With only 8 more days left until baby Hannah is here I am definitely starting to nest like crazy. Last night in a record 45 minute cleaning spree I managed to dust all surfaces in the house, vaccuum entire upstairs, scrub all floors, scrub bathroom, and disinfect the kitchen. Now if I can just convince Danny that we really do need to steam clean all of the floors before she gets here maybe I will be a little more relaxed. Hmmm then again probably not!

You would think that waiting 9 months for your baby would be the hard part, but I definitely think that the hardest part is the last two or three weeks. You know that it could be any day and you are constantly on edge waiting for the "moment" to happen. It is worse than being a kid and waiting for Santa to come. At least then you know the exact date and when it is going to happen. We have had some moments this time when I think maybe this is it.....but then it never progresses. With Riley I didn't really have too many false labor pains. This time is totally different. Everyone told me that the second one is never like the first, but I think that I still expected it to be more similar than it has been. I mean it was only 14 months ago that I gave birth to Riley so I should still be an old pro at this right?!?! Wrong!!!! She has been so much more active and seems to be everywhere at once. At one point she was kicking me in my ribs at the same time as I felt her sitting on my bladder. I am just ready to be not pregnant and feeling like Shrek.

Thought I would just share a few pictures from the lovely shower that my friends threw for me. It was such a nice evening and I could not have imagined anything better. It is times like these that you truly realize just how blessed you are with the friends and family that support you. Not only are Danny and I lucky....but our kids are so lucky to have so many that surround them and love them.

Nursery Redo

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well now that Riley's birthday is over and we have recuperated a little it is time to start focusing on the nursery makeover. Since Riley's room is very "boy" with sports items and darker colors we feel the need to make it a little more gender neutral with the addition of baby Hannah on the horizon. We have gone back and forth about what to do exactly and continue to question whether or not we should really completely redo it. But I know that if we don't make the room more "girl" friendly we will feel like we are shorting our little girl. I think we have decided to go with a "Thing One and Thing Two" theme for the room since they will be so close in age and I am sure that they will get into just as much trouble. Here is a sneak peak at some of the ideas that we have been thinking about doing.

Hopefully this weekend I can get some time in looking around for material for the new baby bedding, curtains, etc. We are thinking of doing her bed in red and white and his in turquoise and white. But of course you cannot find any bedding to fit the "picture" you have in your head. =) Hopefully with the help of my mom we will be able to make something one of a kind and special for the two of them. Our goal is for them to have a fun room where they can let their imaginations go. Here's to the plan!

Riley's 1st Birthday

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whew!!! What a week it has been. Getting ready for Riley's birthday turned out to be more tiring than we would have thought. From the cake/cupcake making, goodie bag shopping, tree making, and decorating we didn't realize just how much goes into a 1st birthday. What a special day it turned out to be. Riley was surrounded by many friends and family that love him very much and it definitely showed. Is it possible for someone to be too cute? It was "his day" and he knew it. He was flirting with all the little girls and was the center of attention all day.

I can't believe just how fast the time has flown. It seems so unreal that a year has gone since we welcomed our little miracle into the world. He has amazed us everyday and makes me even more grateful that I am able to be a part of his life. Riley is such a fun loving boy it is hard to ever be in a grumpy mood around him. Even on my worst days he makes me laugh out loud with his infectious smile and laugh! I didn't think it was possible to love someone so much....but Danny would agree, this little boy has stolen our hearts.

Here are just a few pictures to share from Riley's special day....

4 Years and Counting

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It seems unreal to think that four years have passed since we said "I do". Four years seems like just yesterday and at the same time seems like forever ago. We have changed jobs, bought a house, had a baby, and so many other great memories along the way. I hope that the next four are just as great as these past four have been. With our growing family our relationship has strengthened and grown. I could never have imagined that I would be able to share my life with someone who gets me so well. Even when I don't get myself you always seem to understand! Even if you are really just do a great job! Thank you for being such a great husband and wonderful father!

Where has the time gone?

Friday, April 24, 2009

I can't believe that April is almost over! Work has been very busy and our weekends seem to just fly by with ball games, weddings, and social activities. I am longing for the days when we can just relax and barbecue in the backyard. I love summer nights of conversations, food, and friends. Well we are almost done with getting everything together for Riley's birthday...I never knew just how much was going to go into this day, but it is SO worth it! Here is a sneak peek at the birthday decor...
This weather is making me so ready for the summer. I can't wait to take Riley to the pool and let him swim around and play in the water. Last year he was so little that the pool was not really an option, this year I know he will be a little fish. He is almost walking, I think it could be any day now. He has gotten to the point that he will pull himself up and cruise around the house by holding onto the couch, coffee table, or chairs. Only a few times has he completely let go and just stood there. He did surprise us the other night though. I was downstairs and went to go get some of his toys out of the other room and when I came back he had learned how to climb the stairs! He was almost half way up the stairs when I came around the corner. It definitely scared me....but I was silent and just followed him up the stairs. He did great until he reached the top and hit the baby gate. He just didn't know how to get back down. Just one more thing that we are going to have to be extra careful about. He is growing so fast and learning new things before we can even catch up. Time is just flying by and before I know it Hannah will be here and will have such a busy house. I can't wait for all of the fun family times to start!

Monkey Business

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I can't believe that Riley will be a year old next month! We have been busy getting things ready for the big celebration. I finally finished his invitations last night. I keep asking myself why I insist on making everything myself. When I think of ideas it never seems to be as complicated. Once I start them though it always takes longer than I thought. So, at 11:00 last night I was still up sewing the cards together with Danny in the other room asking, "Aren't you done yet?" Because that phrase always makes things go that much faster! I am really excited with how they turned out though and I will know that no one else will have invitations like his. We found some really cute teal and yellow monkey plates and napkins. The next phase is to tackle the "jungle tree"! I sure hope that it turns out the way I envision it....but I am sure it will take a lot longer than I think.

All things girl

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I can't help but admit that I am starting to get excited at the thought of having a little girl. Don't get me wrong having a little boy has been more fun than I would have ever thought. But I have to admit that there are just way more cute things on the market for little girls than there ever will be for little boys. Bows, tights, dresses, babies, etc. the list could go on forever. I was surfing the internet the other night and came across the most ingenious idea I have seen in a really long time. This gal took an old cabinet and made a play kitchen out of it. You heard me kitchen! Here are some of the pictures, I am still amazed at what she did.

I am hoping that some members of my family will be able to help do something very similar for baby Hannah. This little kitchen will be a source of entertainment that I am sure she will love, and I think Riley will like it as well. He has a passion for a certain set of bowls in my kitchen already!

Is it really you Spring?

Monday, March 30, 2009

I just don't understand this weather! Last week we were having 80 degree days and by the weekend we were in a blizzard with 7-9 inches of snow. Today most of the snow is gone and melted and it is a nice Spring day with a high of 66 degrees. It is no wonder that everyone is sick and doesn't feel good. We can't decide if it is Spring or Winter.

With all of the winter weather this weekend we didn't get out much at all. The weekend was spent mostly catching up on odds and ends around the house, watching movies, and scrapping. I actually did not leave the house from the time I got home on Friday after work until I dropped Riley off this morning to come to work! Needless to say I was feeling a little bit stir crazy. It didn't help that Riley is fighting a runny nose and teething at the same time. Poor guy just wasn't very happy. He did get to catch up on a lot of sleep and hopefullly he will be able to kick this little bug soon.

This weekend was the perfect opportunity to make pancakes for breakfast with the new molds I bought for Riley. Aren't these just the best?
Riley loved eating pancakes for the first time and actually ate a whole monkey pancake himself. I just love to see his reactions to new things! He is getting so big and this age is so much fun.
Hope everyone is doing well and stayed warm this past weekend. Here is hoping to a much warmer week!

Spring Break 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well we are back and I can't say that we are much more rested than when we left. Our trip to Kansas City was a lot of fun and we definitely did our fair share of shopping and sight seeing. We started our trip with a visit to the Kansas City Zoo. Danny and I both thought the zoo was really pretty and had a lot of great activities for the kids....only thing is that there were not really a whole lot of animals. It made us both appreciate what a great zoo we have in our own backyard. The Sedgwick Co. Zoo animals are very interactive and there is more than just one of each. What they lacked in animals they made up for in walking! Everything was really spread out and I can definitely say that I was worn out after spending the day walking around the zoo.

Other than our trip to the zoo we did a lot of shopping on the Plaza, The Legends, and of course we had to eat at our favorite restauraunt....Buca di Beppo! This has become a tradition for us over the past couple of years and each time we order the same thing, "Chicken Gloriouso" which you cannot find on the menu anymore. But if you are really lucky there is still a cook in the kitchen that remembers how to make it! Riley even got to visit Cablea's and TRex Cafe. Our trip was fast and we had a great time, but now it is back to the real world. Poor Danny has to go back to work tomorrow while Riley and I get to play for just one more day. I guess Danny can just look at our pictures to remember what a great time we all had. We can't wait to go back again and maybe next time Hannah will be able to join us!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well we have decided to try this blog as a way to keep all of our family happenings in the loop with everyone. As a fan of reading other blogs I have always been amazed at some of the great stories and interesting facts you learn about people you already know.

So, as part of my Lenten journey, I wanted to try and do better at keeping in touch with family and friends. Hopefully this will help accomplish the tremendous feat of trying to let everyone know just what is going on in the Wilbert household.

Riley is growing so fast! I can't believe that in two months he will already be a year old. I keep asking myself where did the time go? He has officially cut one tooth and is in the painful process of cutting a couple of others. I do hope that this goes kills me to see him in such pain. He is such a happy, fun loving, little boy. I know he is going to make a great big brother!

We found out a couple of weeks ago that we are going to be adding a little girl to our family. Danny is so excited to have a little girl to spoil. I am glad that we have one of each and now the pressure is off. =)

As for us, we are just trying to get things ready for the new baby and Riley's 1st birthday. We decided to take a little getaway trip to Kansas City for Spring Break. It might be our last trip before the baby arrives and we have even more stuff to pack! It is amazing to both of us just how much stuff they need for how small they are. Danny is doing great at work and keeping busy. I am trying to get through this school year and make it through the summer. I am hoping that it won't get too hot until after July 18th.

We hope you are all doing well and that we get to see you soon.