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Archive for 05/01/2014 - 06/01/2014

And The Race Is On

Friday, May 09, 2014

So I have officially completed my first two 5K races. I have been working for a few months to build up my endurance and to feel comfortable with running outside. I have done one other race before, but honestly I was not prepared for it and ended up walking way more of the race than I wanted to. Being honest I probably spent 75% of that race walking. My goal was to be able to complete an entire race without walking. For some people this might come easy (just ask my husband who hasn't ran in years), but for me it was definitely a challenge.

The first race was in Kansas City at Rock the Parkway.  I was initially just going up to cheer on my sister in law as she completed her half marathon. Did I mention that she is the one that inspired this little challenge? Somehow she convinced me that I was ready for this race and that it would give me a starting point for the real race I was training for in May. My nerves were unreal as we were standing there that morning, but I tried so hard to act like I had it together. As I started off I remembered her words, "don't run too fast in the beginning, just keep your pace." I truly think this is what helped me have the endurance to make it through. After I made the turn and knew I was on the downhill slope, I allowed myself to think about what I was actually accomplishing. Towards the end of the race there were families standing on the side with signs, children cheering on their mothers, and friends encouraging their runner and strangers alike. Crossing the finish line was hard! Yes my legs were sore, I was starting to tire, but the feeling that came over me was so intense. It was a good thing I remembered there was going to be pictures....because I had been running with tears streaming for the last mile. I did it, and not only did I meet my goal of not walking, I finished almost 5 minutes under what I thought I would.

The next race was special in a whole different perspective. I had a running partner with me this time to help cheer me on, encourage each other, and push us at the end. Danny joined me this race and agreed to start training with me. Like I said earlier, he hasn't ran in years but had absolutely no trouble running 3.1 miles. That week I had came down with strep throat and was not sure I was even going to be able to do the race. I probably pushed things a little, but I wanted to race even if my throat was still swollen and it had only been two days on antibiotics. We ran the race only stopping a few times to get the "gunk" out of my throat. Towards the end the same feelings came over me, only this time I had someone to share it with as we crossed the finish line holding hands. It didn't hurt that we still managed to beat my earlier race time by a few seconds.