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6 Random Facts About Mr. and Mrs.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

1. Our first dance song at our wedding was "I Wanna Know" by Joe
Danny and I met in college, so it is no surprise to anyone that our tastes in music were a little different back in the day compared to now. When we met there was no other song that could express our love better than the smooth tunes of Joe. It may not be the standard wedding song but it was definitely our song.

2. Feet
I seriously hate feet....they just look silly and the thought of them touching any part of me sends chills up my spine. Danny on the other hand seems to think that rubbing his feet on mine is the best thing ever. Ugh!

3. Homebody vs Social Butterfly
We could not be more different in how and where we want to spend our time if we tried. I think Danny would be more than happy to spend all of our time sitting at home together. On the other hand I would much rather be out and about surrounded by friends and family. Now, that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy spending time at home watching a movie and doing nothing at all sometimes.

4. Hannah's name
We came up with our daughters name before we were married one evening during a totally random conversation. It was one of those conversations that seems so funny at the time. When we were listing off possible names of our future children we were also stating what the appropriate nicknames could be. With Hannah we somehow came to the conclusion that it would be fun to be cheering for her from the stands yelling, "Hannah get a woot woot!" Like I said, way more funny at the time. =) Since that conversation there was never another name that came close to Hannah.

5. Pet lover
Our family owns two dogs and a fish. I can honestly say that before getting married I was not really a pet person. After spending time with Danny and seeing how much he cared for the pets he grew up with, it was easy to see how having pets would complete our family. Our puppies were definitely our furbabies until our kids came along.

6. Friday the 13th
The movie, the day, and spooky Halloween fun describe our special days. For some time we had a fun tradition to have a movie night on any Friday the 13th to watch those movies.  It usually included food, fun, my sister and cousin, as well as many of our favorite memories. It just so happened that we became on engaged on one of these Friday the 13th evenings.  Now whenever the date comes up it holds even more of a memory for us.

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