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Turning 6

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It has finally hit me that my sweet little boy is going to be 6 in a very short time. Not really sure why this age has been so much harder to handle than 5, but wow am I a mess! Riley is such a funny, sweet, and bright boy that it is sometimes hard for me to realize that he is quickly becoming a little man. I can remember holding him in my arms at night rocking him to sleep.  It was our special time to just be the two of us. There were plenty of nights that he would fall asleep in my arms and I would choose to hold him just a little bit longer. I never realized that it would go by so fast.

As I watched him get ready the other morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. He has recently started wanting to do his hair himself. While he was putting the "finishing touches" on his hair he looked exactly like Danny does each morning getting ready. In that instant my baby was a little man!

I feel so incredibly blessed to be his mother and I look forward to watching him grow and change even more.....just maybe not quite this fast.

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