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5 on Friday: Running

Friday, March 07, 2014

I am linking up with Christina over at Carolina Charm today for Five on Friday!


Netflix!  This has seriously saved my life while trying to get my runs in on the treadmill.  I am not sure why I cannot get lost in music while running inside....but I am always checking the time. Surely it has not only been 45 seconds since the last time I checked!  House of Cards has been keeping me distracted while I have been getting in my mileage.  I think I subconsciously know that I need to get almost to the end of an episode before I am even close. Not to mention the crazy amount of drama going on in the show that keeps me focused. 


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 shoes. I am VERY flat footed and running can really cause my arches and the outsides of my feet to hurt.  Since buying these shoes I have had very little issues.  They are so supportive and feel lightweight at the same time.  I don't find that going for longer distances seem to hurt as much as they did before, and I 100% believe it is because of wearing such great shoes. 


Paleo has made such a huge difference in the way I feel.  Honestly, the better I eat the better I feel which translates into a much better run. If only the wine wouldn't call my name so often.


Cute running clothes are my goal.  I have seen some really fun running capris that I cannot wait to get.  Only 15 more pounds and I will reach my first goal and reward....if I catch the sale just right I might even be able to squeeze in a cute top to go with them.


Having a partner and motivator is honestly the best thing to keep you going.  I know that if I don't show up and run she is going to know I wasn't there. On days that I think there is no way I am going to be able to do this distance she is right there to encourage me and tell me I can.  Even though we don't even come close to running the same distances or the same speed, it helps to know she is right there along with me!

If you’re stopping by from the link-up, please let me know...I would love to come and follow you!

4 Responses to “5 on Friday: Running”

  1. Hi! Found you via the link-up. Could not agree more with you on # 5!!! It makes SUCH a difference and holds you accountable. And I am so happy that I just read your 5 on friday because I'm about to buy new running shoes and am debating between the Asics Gel Nimbus' (I wear these now) or switching to the Adrenaline GTS'!!! Thanks for the recommendation... .Happy Friday!!!

    1. Whittney, thanks for stopping by! I would love to know what you like about the Asics Gel Nimbus....I am looking for another shoe to add the rotation.

  2. Visiting you back from the link-up! I avoid exercise like the plague, but if I ever did use a treadmill, i imagine watching TV would be my choice over music as well. Ha! =) Have a lovely weekend!