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Working On Working Out

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Over the past few months there have been many attempts at finding what routine works best for working out. Working out primarily in the afternoon is hard because my energy is so low and it is really easy to have conflicts that come up.  I don't have the availability to workout over the lunch hour, but I do think this would be a nice option to get in a little cardio when the weather is nice out. The magic time for me has been to get up bright and early and start my day off with a 4:45 am workout.  My runs have slowly progressed to about 35 minutes each day.  When I couple my run with lifting weights, I can easily put in a little over an hour.  

One of the things that has kept me motivated is seeing my progress. Not just in how my clothes are fitting or how many pounds I am down, but in how much more I can lift. I am not a huge fan of walking around the gym with a piece of paper and pen.....but I do like to see visually how I am progressing. Because I am vain and really don't want to draw anymore attention to myself I have been writing my "routine" down on a log after my workout.  I figure it is only a couple of set exercises that I need to remember how many reps/weight that I can quickly do it in the car before I leave the gym.  

If you are like me, I like to see everything on one page and I like it to be cute as well.  A few weeks back I created a little fitness journal log and I am sharing it with you! It is fun to look back even just a few weeks ago and see the progress that I have made.  All of those little goals and victories will add up to one huge accomplishment. What keeps you motivated?

4 Responses to “Working On Working Out”

  1. Visiting from the SITS Spring Fling! Good for you for working on working out. To be honest, one of my motivations is food. I love that when I work out regularly I can eat a bit more! Does that sound terrible?!?

    1. Absolutely is what got me motivated to get serious!

  2. Progress definitely keeps me motivated. I, too, like to see things on one page, and I like the aesthetic to be nice. I also like the feeling of accomplishment I have each time I complete a workout. It means I did that for myself. I think I need to emulate your journal - it’s so creative. You should make it printable and add it to your blog as a download. It’s a great value!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth....if you look right under the image picture there is a place to download the sheet I use. Feel free to print it off for yourself!